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"The perpetual pursuit of spiritual evolution is not time consuming - it is life consuming

"Spiritual evolution begins with the intellectual understanding that we all hold the power of god inside of us. Complete understanding of this principle, and living this principle, are continual processes spanning our lifetimes. We learn from our experiences, most of which are trial-and-error. These exercises reveal an understanding of God's power, before losing that knowledge, and regaining it once again. We ultimately discover that we are never exempt of practice. This journey is everlasting. There is no such thing as having arrived."   

                                                                        - Arlen J

"Emotional Success: Our Greatest Achievement


The popularity of thought leadership and its focus on material success has distracted us from the ultimate objective. Inspirational authority is lacking as it relates to emotional intelligence and guiding us towards that goal. The world would naturally heal all of its ills with an emotionally and spiritually successful populace."


                                                                      - Arlen J